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Beware of the Assassins

Beware of the assassins! They are lurking everywhere these days. They release their bullets of destruction through whispers in back rooms, incendiary text messages and passive-aggressive social media messages. Their goal is to annihilate the calling upon people’s lives because of their own pain, bitterness and jealousy.

While I am sure that these issues are not new, I am frankly taken aback by the blatant non-biblical behavior of many leaders and ministers who should know better. It seems that everywhere you turn there are unfounded, opinion-based accusations being released against some of God’s choice servants.

Unfortunately, this is very easy to get swept into. You meet someone and have a thought about them, then without thinking, you share that thought with a close friend and from there it spreads. It seems innocent, but there really is an evil spirit behind these attacks. I am sad to say that I have also been swept up in these episodes, only to be convicted and realize that I had participated in hell’s agenda. I have also been on the receiving end of nasty verbal assaults made behind my back with no character at all.

Recently, I was in a major U.S. city where a young millennial leader is doing a phenomenal work for God. This leader is being used by God to affect the masses and win the harvest. I was stunned when another leader made unfounded accusations in a back room that amounted to nothing less than character assassination. This seems to be a rising trend. If you are upset with someone else’s promotion, just sling a little mud and jump to a conclusion with no evidence, only your opinion. In fact, say the worst possible thing you can, and then leave it out there in the air as a demonic seed to be planted in other people’s minds.

Refuse to listen to suspicious accusations against the pastors who lead the flock unless you have two or three witnesses to confirm the accusations. 1 Timothy 5:19 (Passion translation)

This verse is abundantly clear in that there are guidelines for accusations against a leader. They must be established in fact. There needs to be clear evidence of some type of moral misconduct, not simply someone’s ideas, offense or opinions. These types of serious allegations have enduring consequences for the person involved, their ministry and their family. Disqualifying behavior is that which goes against the Word of God in a clear-cut fashion. It is not the opinion of one leader against another. It is not a social media post or series of posts that a person does not like. It is not style or presentation. It is clear misconduct with facts to back it up.

Far too often we are damaging the reputation and ministry of a person based solely on unfounded lies. We can and should do better. We should display a higher regard for God’s Word and a spirit of maturity. We should rightly discern the difference between our own personal preferences and moral misconduct. It is fine not to bear witness to a person’s ministry or to prefer a different style, but it is not biblically correct to jump from that to an unfounded slander attack.

What about the one who is being attacked?

All day long my enemies would crush me, for there are many who arrogantly battle against me. In the day I cry to You, then my enemies will turn back; this I know, that God is for me. Psalm 56:2,9

Follow David’s advice, recognize that God is for you! If you are attacked or maligned, just keep your heart planted in the Father. He will not only defend you but He will promote you right in front of your enemies! Promotion comes to the submitted. In fact, it is often the promotion that garners the attacks.

Do not veer off course. Stay planted in your purpose and keep doing what God has called you to do. Pray for those who are cursing you and let the Father wash your heart with His love. Do not allow bitterness to take root in your heart. One thing I have learned well, character will outlive a lie! Let your life, your fruit, your integrity speak.

We can all do better in this area! Let’s be a little slower to speak about certain issues. Let’s separate our opinions from attacks. Let’s develop better self-discipline and work on being silent in some situations. Let’s uphold and honor the Word when dealing with God’s servants. The Kingdom is far too glorious to be swept up in the tactics of the enemy!

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