Keys to Longevity in the Call of God

Longevity in the assignment of God is every bit as important as tenacity. It is one thing to burn brightly but another thing to burn for a long time. We have to ask ourselves is the fire that I am carrying sustainable? That is a personal question as well as a corporate question. When the Lord showed me Revival Hubs, I saw wells of revival with a continual flow. These were places that create a culture of revival, not “flash in the pan” types of encounters but consistent, deep, cleansing flow of Holy Spirit in all of His glory. In our own personal lives we need to live with longevity in mind. This requires strategic planning and pursuit.


*Be intentional about resting your mind and body.

*Emphasize and prioritize family relationships.

*Build a close team of people who know you, love you, guard you and are brutally honest with

you—even if it hurts.

*Absolutely prioritize and create a life built around personal devotion: daily prayer, worship and

Word time!

*Cultivate an excellent spirit! Excel and build channels of excellence in your life and ministry.

Excellence is not a Gift of the Spirit! It is the result of knowledge, commitment, pursuit and

diligence. It yields great results.

*Learn to live and walk by faith! Faith stands on the Word and believes God when there are no


*Focus on character development. So many times we only pursue the power, the big, wow gifts

and manifestations. I love these realms of God but character, doing the right thing when it costs

you something, is vital. Character will determine your longevity far above gifting.

*Run with people who are burning and have enduring fruit. Do not surround yourself with critical,

negative people. Also, do not surround yourself with people who do not have good fruit,

experience and wisdom.

*Keep growing! Don’t get stagnant—stay in hot pursuit.

*Learn to take down time, natural activities and allow yourself to decompress.

*Be accountable to someone! This is vital.

*Build a lifestyle of transparency and personal holiness. Many people have been snared in a trap

of temptation because they did not have walls of protection in their own lives. Through years of

ministry, I have learned to create particular barriers and just avoid situations that could lead to

trouble. This is not the ultimate answer; your heart being free is the ultimate answer. Avoiding the

temptation all together is an added layer of protection.

*Lastly, glean from others who have had longevity. Listen to their wisdom. Learn from them and be


God has not called you to launch like a rocket and then crash and burn in front of everyone! Whatever He has placed in your spirit has been put there to have lasting results and birth good fruit. He provides the gift, but you are the steward. Your gift will be greatly impacted by your character. Character takes time, focus and determination.

2 Tim. 4:7…I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith

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Ryan LeStrange is an Apostlolic forerunner that God has commissioned to impact nations by releasing the glory of God. He’s rare, yet marked with multi generational influence. This Apostle is truly turning the world upside down. Ive been personally impacted by His ministry and I honor him for how He represents the God that we serve. You will note with Ryan, that he’s consistent, loving and consistently models how to manifest the Kingdom in every aspect of life!

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Men and women, such as Ryan and Joy LeStrange, have been trained by the Lord and fully released for THIS HOUR, and the Church most needs their leadership, wisdom and discernment. 


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I have known Ryan LeStrange for over twenty years, since he first came to attend New Life Bible College.  At that time he distinguished himself by his diligence in seeking the things of God.  We were able to observe his giftings continue to develop when after graduation he became the Administrator of our Bible College and continued to work for us in various capacities before God moved him on to plant his own ministry and follow the vision that God gave him. We have been blessed to see how God has used him to bring His Word and power around the world. He has a strong foundation in the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to back it up.  He is also a man of great character and integrity who will not compromise his values for success or because of the opinion of men.


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We are entering into a reformation period in the church that, I believe will gloriously surpass that of 500 years ago with Martin Luther. There is a Divine shift coming to our current expression of Christianity and I'm convinced that Ryan LeStrange has been raised up as a strategic voice to prophetically speak into this radical recalibration and equip the Body of Christ to stand as a supernatural catalyst in these crucial times.

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Dr. Ryan LeStrange is an anointed Apostle and Prophet whom God has raised up and equipped to teach that the first two ministries given in the five fold list are foundational to the Church becoming all that God wants her to be. I have been personally blessed to see the Holy Spirit impart His anointing and giftings to hundreds of ministers, both young and old.  A host of these divinely anointed ministers are functioning in full faith and fruit in this harvest, reaping souls for the Kingdom and Dr. LeStrange is one of them.

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