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Presumptuous People

In order to achieve the destiny that God has placed upon your life, you need clear vision, commitment, investment and unwavering faith. You must advance with absolute determination and resolve. You will fight inner thoughts of doubt and insecurity. You will face resource and timing challenges. You will confront demonic opposition and strong winds of adversity. All of these things are normal challenges for those with radical dreams and a pioneering spirit. Vision is not a single step but a coordinated series of purpose driven actions, all leading toward a determined end.

One of the most crucial elements of your destiny is rightly discerning the correct relationships and quickly identifying the wrong ones. Right alignments bring supernatural acceleration, joy and fruitfulness. A right alignment can become a spring in the desert. The opposite is true of an unhealthy alignment. To achieve great destiny you will have to say no to some presumptuous people!

Make no friendship with an angry man,

and with a furious man you will not go, lest you learn

his ways and get a snare to your soul. - Proverbs 22:24-25

Presumptuous people enter your life in an attempt to alter your course and bend your will. Webster’s online dictionary defines presumptuous as: overstepping due bounds (as of propriety or courtesy) or taking liberties. A part of the commitment that you must make to your appointed destiny is to draw clear boundaries and establish priorities.

Presumptuous people:

  • Demand what they have not earned. They expect from you what they are not entitled to and will use guilt as a means to get their way.

  • Assume they have access when it has not been granted. I often encounter people who wrongly assume that they should be granted wide open access in my life. These people ask for favors, time and investment that our relationship clearly does not dictate.

  • Fail to recognize healthy boundaries and authority. Everything that God does has honor in it. Part of that honor is proper submission and recognition of authority. In any type of leadership position there are boundaries and requirements that should be observed. God expects His children to recognize and submit to authority in every segment of society.

  • Freely prophesy with no regard for authority, culture or order. Prophetic presumption can lead to dangerous results. Healthy ministries teach and train people how to prophesy with honor for the culture of the house. Presumptuous prophetic people refuse this wisdom and often create unnecessary drama.

  • Lay hands on you without any invitation! (This one gets me!) I simply do not understand this type of behavior! I don’t want anyone and everyone laying hands on me and releasing various words. No! It is not because I am afraid that I am going to pick up a demon; there is no room, my inn is full! I am full of oil and the devil cannot live where there is Holy Ghost oil and fire. I do not want to have to waste my time breaking some type of foolishness off of me or others that came forth from a presumptuous person. If someone does not know you, and you are not speaking at the meeting, ask before you start laying hands on anyone!

  • Consider their objective more valuable than yours. They place greater emphasis on their own goals and responsibilities than yours. Presumptuous people do not respect your time or goals. Allowing these types of people access will delay your progress.

  • Often want the benefit of authentic relationship without the sacrifices and investment. True relationships require investment and long term commitment. Many times in ministry I see people who want the benefits of being a spiritual son or daughter but they refuse the long term commitment and work!

When presumptuous people try to cram their agenda down your throat, you must be bold. Respect the priorities and boundaries that heaven has established in your life. Be willing to say no to the wrong things so that you can say yes to the right things. Refuse to be manipulated into doing what you are not graced to do! If you do not set healthy goals and boundaries you will not rise in this season. Do not let the presumptuous people push you around…stand your ground.

The wicked flee when no man pursueth:

but the righteous are bold as a lion. - Prov. 18:21

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