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Look For The Treasure

As I am in prayer this morning The Lord is bringing before me an army of Prophetic Voices that are arising in this hour. They have been mandated by The Father to be carriers of His glory. The glory of God is the byproduct of His person!!! The Lord is raising up a people who are so engulfed in His presence that tangible glory flows in their midst. The glory eradicates sickness and disease. The glory releases powerful signs & wonders. Natural laws are broken in the presence of divine glory! Lifelong bondages melt like wax in the presence of The Glory. The Glory shall be like the armor covering the people of God with both protection and power.

Fire shall be in the midst of their bellies. The Father is raising up ambassadors of fire! A people that carry the holiness of His flame and His voices speaks from the midst of the fire. They are the burning ones: commissioned and sent forth with fire.


The prophetic ministry is so unique in it’s flow and role. It reveals hidden things—often speaking to the potential & destiny of people & places. There should be a measure of glorious redemption in prophetic words & ministry. As I am in prayer this morning: The Father is speaking to me about the beauty and redemption in prophetic ministry. I am seeing a vision of people hunting for treasure. I see the man on the beach with his electronic metal detector! This is a prophetic picture—prophetic people should have antennas up—seeing, sensing & releasing. They must see into The Spirit realm and identify the treasure (the God DNA) in the lives of people. They discern destiny and speak to it. They release words that are contrary to the negative circumstance.

2 Cor. 4:7- But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not from ourselves

5 Operations of The Treasure Hunters:

1- They discover God’s heart for people & regions. The Lord is releasing forth a prophetic generation with a Jeremiah mandate to speak to lands/regions/nations. The prophetic word gives entrance to the glory! The word must be discovered & released. There is untapped prophetic potential in many regions! It takes prophetic voices to decree a thing over the region.

2- Prophetic Evangelism. One exciting realm of the prophetic movement in this hour is the release of prophetic people who take the gospel beyond the four walls. They obey the New Testament and utilize the gift of prophecy as an evangelism tool (1 Cor. 14:24-25). The goal is to connect people to the Kingdom, restore & win the lost, make Jesus famous!

3- Personal prophetic ministry. When on target prophetic words are released over people it fuels the destiny of God in their life and speaks to the mandate of heaven. Accurate personal prophetic ministry reveals, confirms & releases! It is a critical part of New Testament church life. There are hidden bits of treasure inside of people (little pieces of the Kingdom) often buried deep beneath bondages, fear and the results of continued sin. An accurate prophetic word grabs a hold of that hidden treasure and resurrects it’s power in the life of a person literally unfolding the brilliant hope of the kingdom in a life!

4- Confirms calls! The prophetic ministry is powerful and when flowing alongside of apostolic authority it begins to identify spiritual gifts. The body is hungry to be activated. We have enough sitting soldiers—we need activation and spiritual identities to be unlocked! This is one of the key roles of the prophetic to speak to gifts and release clarity as the apostolic trains, fathers, mentors & sends.

5- Releases Healing & Miracles! One dimension of the prophetic ministry is the revelation of healing & power. The word of knowledge is a powerful gateway to the realm of power. It identifies a present condition and unlocks a miracle. Prophets carry miracle mantles! They open the realm of The Spirit and bring forth the treasure of healing and breakthrough.

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